2017 Newsletter Archive

Our aim is to produce regular newsletters, as frequent as fortnightly when there is sufficient to report.

The following newsletters were released in the year 2017 in chronological order, please feel free to browse them. You may view the latest newsletters from this year or other previous years using the archive menu to the right.

Newsletters are in the Adobe PDF format which will open to view in a new window when you click them. To save the PDF, right click the link and choose "save as".

Issue 126, 21st Sep 2017

Issue 125, 14th Sep 2017

Issue 124, 20th Jul 2017

Issue 123, 6th Jul 2017

Issue 122, 22nd Jun 2017

Issue 121, 8th Jun 2017

Issue 120, 18th May 2017

Issue 119, 4th May 2017

Issue 118, 20th Apr 2017

Issue 117, 23rd Mar 2017

Issue 116, 9th Mar 2017

Issue 115, 23rd Feb 2017

Issue 114, 2nd Feb 2017

Issue 113, 19th Jan 2017

Issue 112, 4th Jan 2017