Associate Membership

School governors, trustees and similar school governance volunteers together with clerks outside of the Devon Local Authority (LA) geographical area are able to join the Devon Association of Governors (DAG) as associate members and share all member benefits, including:

  • free DAG website registration, and access to all of its resources
  • free school governance daily news updates, specially selected for the ‘volunteer on the go’
  • free e-newsletter subscription, straight to your email inbox
  • free access to the popular DAG Busy Governor’s Guides and Busy Clerk’s Guides
  • free access to the insightful DAG ‘Fit for Purpose’ Quiz
  • free access to the Effective Chairs update, for the ‘busy chair on the go’
  • free place at any DAG Conference

Associate DAG membership costs £75 per annum; runs from 1st April to 31st March of the following year i.e. tax year; and covers all full members and clerk to the governing body.

Your school will be invoiced directly and the DAG Associate Membership will only be valid and activated once payment has been successfully received. Payment is usually made through banks by speed payment or BACS, though cheques are acceptable in exceptional cases.

If you wish to apply for associate membership on behalf of your school governing board please fill in and submit the online form below.

Please note all members of DAG are requested not to circulate information to non-members and to encourage colleagues to join and receive the benefits of DAG individually as DAG operates in good faith. DAG is a volunteering organisation and the fee is symbolical as it covers the costs of running the website and other core functions.

DAG looks forward hearing from you and please do not hesitate to contact DAG with any additional enquiries using the Contact Us form.


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