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Contextual Value Added measures have been used in the Achievement and Attainment Tables (formerly Performance Tables) since 2002. They measure the attainment of pupils in comparison to pupils with similar prior attainment, and is fairer than using raw outcomes since schools can have very different levels of attainment on entry. In 2006 the following attainment and contextual factors were considered:
●  Pupil prior attainment
●  Gender
●  SEN
●  First language (for given prior attainment)
●  Measures of pupil mobility
●  Age
●  An “in care” indicator
●  Ethnicity
●  Free school meals (for given ethnicity)
●  Income deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI)
●  Average and range of prior attainment within the school (KS2-3, KS 2- 4 and KS 3 – 4 only).

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